Iain Fairweather

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Operations Manager

In 2009, I completed 24 years’ service with HM Forces British Army, reaching the rank of Warrant Officer and acquiring expertise at management level in the areas of security, intelligence handling, communications, logistics, training and fleet administration. I undertook active service on number of different operations overseas including the Middle East.

Since leaving the Army, I have worked for a short period as a sole trader in the electrical industry, managing my own projects as well completing short sub contracts, before joining the security industry. Initially, I controlled the business airport for Airbus UK where I managed the security of the airside and the terminal, gaining a full knowledge of electronic screening equipment.

After successful completion of the close protection course I deployed to South Iraq and a team member in June 2010, managing to progress to a Senior Team Leaders position. This position was detached from the main project, managing 4 teams for the CNPC operation of the project.

I’m currently the Operations Manager for the Mobile operations for the BP ROO Contract based in Basra Iraq. Prior to this position my role was the Static Operations Manager. Both positions are responsible for managing all aspects of security provision from an operational and administrative perspective, reporting to the Project Security Manager. On a daily basis, my responsibilities have ranged from updating threat assessment reports and forecasting security operations through to the development of policies and standard operating procedures, as well as dealing with the everyday demands of basic administration for a multinational work force. Exceptional communication skills have been imperative, enabling me to develop strong client relationships and to build rapport with national and international staff and contractors.

In both roles it has also involved planning and conducting security training, ensuring standards and company levels are maintained each month. Communication on a day-to-day basis to Regional Headquarters for submission of HR paperwork and financial requirement to ensure all aspects of administration is achieved for the multination work force.

I pride myself on my high standards of professionalism and integrity and my ability to handle confidential and sensitive information with due tact and discretion and believe that I offer continuity as a manager with a sound understanding of the extant Control Risks project management requirements on site.

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